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Ford GoBike App Download

Ford GoBike app

The Ford GoBike mobile app for iPhone or Android unlocks a world of features at your fingertips. Here are our favorite ways to use the app.

Find bikes & docks

Ford GoBike App DownloadUse the color-coded map or list view to see stations near you and real-time bike & dock availability. Stations with valet service have a special icon, and when they’re active, it means you’re guaranteed to get a bike or dock. Save your favorite stations to find them again easily for your next ride.

Purchase a Pass

ford gobike appThe easiest way to purchase a Single Ride or an Access Pass is through the Ford GoBike mobile app. You can even unlock a bike using only the mobile app. See the instructions on how to purchase through the app.

See your ride stats

ford gobike appPull down the drawer (hint: it’s the double arrow at the top of the map screen) to see your ride stats. We’ll show you your last ride and your all-time stats, including number of rides and total miles ridden.

Get ride notifications

ford gobike app downloadEnable push notifications to get important updates on your ride. We’ll show you a timer for your current ride, so you can make sure you stay within your ride time. And we’ll let you know when you’ve successfully docked your bike and ended a ride, so you never have to worry about walking away with the clock still ticking.

Download it now

Get the Ford GoBike mobile app today, and start experiencing the Bay Area in a whole new way!


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