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Divvy Bike Long Term Review


(Author: kofuzi, from Youtube)
*Update: I’ve apparently been riding Divvy since 2013. And I am very very very sorry about the wind noise.

I’ve been a Divvy rider in Chicago since nearly the beginning. Divvy is a commuter bike share service. It’s different than a daily bike rental in that Divvy bikes are intended to be used in 30 minute increments. So, even if you have a 24 hour rental, it doesn’t mean you can keep the bike for the entire 24 hours. It means you get unlimited 30 minute rentals. If you keep the bike for more than 30 minutes at a time, you will incur an extra fee. But, you can also avoid extra charges by stopping at one of the numerous stations to dock and undock the bike, which will reset the clock.

I use Divvy as a part of my overall commute. I still ride the bus or train in the mornings so that I don’t arrive to work all sweaty. But in the afternoon, I will change clothes and then commute home. Unlike zipcars, you don’t have to return a divvy bike to any particular station. As long as there is a stall open at the station, you can return a bike there.

Using a divvy bike to commute home is really a great example of two wrongs make a right. I dislike commuting. I dislike exercise. But put the two together, and it’s wonderful. I feel so productive. And, I feel mentally refreshed when I arrive home. I love it. Divvy helps make Chicago that much more livable of a city.

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