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How Charlotte B-cycle Works

Charlotte B-cycle is the first bike share system in North Carolina and the largest urban system in the Southeast. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions...

Who can use ArborBike?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid credit card or debit card can become an ArborBike member.
charlotte bcycle cost

How Much does Charlotte B-cycle Cost

As a bicycle sharing system that serves the city of Charlotte, NC, Charlotte B-cycle gives you access to a growing network of bicycles and...
capital bikeshare works

How Capital Bikeshare Works

Experience Metro DC on Two Wheels Capital Bikeshare is metro DC's bikeshare service, with 4,300 bikes and 500+ stations across 6 jurisdictions: Washington, DC.; Arlington,...
Boise GreenBike

What if something is wrong with the Boise GreenBike

BEFORE you lock the bike, look at the screen on the rear rack. In the lower right corner you will see the word ‘repair.’...
Indiana Pacers Bikeshare

How to Renew Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Annual or Monthly Pass

To renew your Pacers Bikeshare Annual or Monthly Pass Click login (the login button is in the top right corner of this page) to...

How does ArborBike work?

ArborBike is a bike share system intended for short trips around town. Members have access to an unlimited number for 60 minute trips while...
Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Cost

How Much does Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Cost?

Pacers Bikeshare is priced for quick trips. After purchasing either a Day Pass, Monthly Pass or Annual Pass you have access to unlimited 30 minute...
Baltimore Bike Share

How do I take a Baltimore Bike Share bike out of a dock

Go to any Baltimore Bike Share station and find an available bike. Look at the dashboard located between the handle bars to verify that...


BIKETOWN is Portland's bike share program, launched in July 2016 with 1,000 bikes at 100 stations across downtown and several neighborhoods. The system is...

How El Paso BCycle Works

How does bike sharing in El Paso work? Good question! There are four ways to access and use the SunCycle program - all of which...

How to Hold Your BIKETOWN Bike

The 'Hold' feature ensures that your BIKETOWN bike will be there for up to 30 minutes so that when you get back from a...
CAT Bike Cost

How Much does CAT Bike Cost?

As a bicycle sharing system that serves the city of Savannah Georgia, CAT Bike gives you access to a growing network of bicycles and...
Baltimore Bike Share

How does Baltimore Bike Share Work?

Baltimore Bike Share is public transportation on your schedule. Grab a bike, go for a ride, give it back. You can pay for Bike...
Des Moines BCycle

How Des Moines BCycle Works

Purchase a membership online or at any B-station. Des Moines BCycle offers a 24-hour Pass as well two membership levels: 30-day and annual. All...
Arcata Bicycle Library

How to Rent a Arcata Bicycle Library?

The Arcata Bicycle Library is a bicycle library located in Arcata, California. Here is a complete guide to rent a Arcata Bicycle Library. Go...

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