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How Denver B-cycle Works


It’s simple. You ride the Denver B-cycle bike when you need it, you check back into a station when you don’t.​

It’s fun. We have stations and bikes at all the places you want to go – museums, cool neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, music and sport venues, bike trails and parks.​

You can buy an access pass that fits your needs – by the day, trip, month or year. Whatever works for you and your lifestyle.

Keep each ride under 30 minutes (or 60 minutes with the Annual Plus Pass) and you won’t be charged anything in addition to your access pass. So if you want to stop for a coffee on your way to the Museum of Nature and Science – check the bike into a station, grab your coffee, and then check a bike out again when you have that cup of joe in-hand.​

You can keep a bike checked out all day, but you will be charged $5.00 for every 30 minutes you keep the bike out after the first half hour of use.​

From out of town? It’s easy. All you need is a credit card. It is great way to explore Denver even if you only have a few hours to get out and about.​

Have your own bike? B-cycle’s are great for riding to places you don’t want to leave your own bike, or for one-way trips when you know you are catching a ride home from someone else. Like to Coors Field. Riding a bike to a Rockies game on a Colorado summer evening is the best. You check the B-cycle in and you never have to worry whether it will be there when you come out. It will.​

B-cycles fit all sizes. And are equipped with pedal powered lights, a bell, a basket and a lock.​

So get out and B-cycle. Arrive at your work meeting with a smile, carrying a bike helmet. A smile that means “I’ve just done something cool that you didn’t do this morning.” People will ask you about it, smile, high five and talk about what you did when you leave. There are so many ways that B-cycle fits into your life the possibilities are endless.​

And if you do it, others will too.
Denver Bcycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a pass to use the system?

To check out a B-cycle you must purchase a 24 HR access pass from a kiosk or a 24 HR online, Monthly, Flex, Annual or Annual Plus Access Pass from our website. All pass types will be charged standard overtime fees for trips over 30 minutes (or 60 minutes for the Annual Plus Access Pass).

How do I checkout B-cycles after I purchased an Access Pass?

Your access pass is active immediately. You can use your credit card or cell phone number on file to checkout bikes from the kiosk. B-cycles can also be checked out with the free BCycle App for iOS and Android if you purchased a 24 HR online, Monthly, Flex, Annual or Annual Plus Access Pass. Monthly, Flex, Annual or Annual Plus Access Pass holders will be mailed a B-card or B-fob to checkout bikes directly from the dock at any B-station.

What do I do if a B-station is full or empty?

The BCycle App and website display real-time B-station and bike availability. For full stations, click “More Options” on the kiosk screen to find the closest B-station with available docks. You can also get an extra 15 minutes of free ride time added to your current trip to help prevent additional overtime fees from hitting your account while you look for another B-station. Contact Member Services anytime at 303-825-3325 for assistance.

How do I find the closest B-station?

The easiest way to find the status of a B-station is by using the BCycle App or the map on our website. Each station has a map module with a list of all B-stations and the intersections of the three closest stations to where you are.

Can I take out more than one B-cycle at a time?

You can purchase up to four 24 HR Access Passes using one credit card at a B-station, allowing you to release four B-cycles at one time. You cannot release more than one B-cycle at a time with the 24 HR online, Monthly, Flex, Annual or Annual Plus Access Passes.

What if I want to keep a B-cycle out all day?

Ride the B-cycle when you need it and check it into a station when you are not using it. If you keep the B-cycle out for longer than 30 minutes (or 60 minutes with the Annual Plus Access Pass), you will incur a $5.00 overtime fee for every additional 30 minutes you keep the bike out. Return your bike and check it out again to restart the 30-minute window of ride time included with your access pass (or 60-minutes for Annual Plus Access Pass). B-cycles that are not returned within 36 hours will be considered lost or stolen and the access pass holder is liable for a B-cycle replacement fee, per our User Agreement.

Can international visitors use Denver B-cycle?

We accept foreign credit cards with mag stripes. Purchase a 24 HR Access Pass at the kiosk and enter 00000 when asked for a ZIP code. The system cannot text to international phone numbers

What if a B-cycle is stolen while I have it checked out?

Immediately notify us by calling 303-825-3325. Please provide all information including the whereabouts of the incident. Report the theft to the police precinct where the theft occurred within 24 hours. Your account will be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the B-cycle per our User Agreement.

​What should I do if a B-station isn’t working?

If a station is unresponsive, call Member Services anytime at 303-825-3325. We can often fix the problem over the phone. If we can’t, we can direct you to the next nearest B-station.

How do I turn “Bike Returned” notifications on/off?

You must give permission for Denver B-Cycle to send you push notifications via the mobile app. You can configure these settings by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the screen in the app. Having push notifications turned on will send you a “bike returned” notice each time you return a B-cycle.

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