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How does FAIRBIKES Works?


Download the MOVATIC App to get started. Click on the link below to access and install yours.

fairbikes worksFollow Prompts to enter contact information and method of payment.

rent fairbikesOur App will help you locate a station where you can rent a bike.

Be sure your Bluetooth and Location is ON.

fairbikes worksSelect the bike you want by identifying the bike number on the rear fender. Stand to the left of the bike near the bike basket.

The circle will become orange to indicate the bike is available to be rented. Press the circle.

The app will show you once the connection is made. Pull the bike back from bike rack within 10 seconds.

When returning a bicycle, position the tire in the track to line up the black box with the pin on the rack and make sure bicycle is secured. Unsecured bicycles continue to incur fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Bike Did Not Un-lock – What do I do?

Go into the Movatic App and END THE RENTAL. It may be that the 10 second window passed without the bicycle being removed from the lock. Start the rental process again.
TIPS: Stand within arm’s reach of the bicycle rack. Ensure the kick stand is lifted. Listen for the lock release click. Pull the bicycle back from bike rack within 10 seconds.

If I am unable to rent a bicycle, how will I know my credit card hasn’t been charged?

John or Jennifer will happily refund your credit if there was a problem with the bicycle not unlocking or mechanical failure.

Please feel free to contact us with the app or by email and we will respond, confirm, and make the refund if you were charged within 24 hours.

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