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How Ford GoBike Works


Experience the Bay in a whole new way

Ford GoBike is the Bay Area’s new bike share system, with thousands of public bikes for use across San Francisco, East Bay and San Jose. Our bike share is designed with convenience in mind; it’s a fun and affordable way to get around town.

Ford GoBike Works So Easy


Become an Annual Member or buy a Single Ride or Access Pass to use the system.


Use the mobile app or your Clipper card to unlock any bike in the system.


Take as many rides as you want while your pass or membership is active.


Dock your bike at any station and wait for the green light to make sure it’s locked.

how Ford GoBike works
Photo Source: Ford GoBike Official Website

Why Ford GoBike

Save Time

Ford GoBike is one of the fastest ways to get around. Simply grab a bike near your home and drop it off near your school or office.

Save Money

Using Ford GoBike can save you a lot of money over rideshare or your monthly transit pass. A whole year of Ford GoBike costs less than two monthly bus passes.

Have Fun

Whether you’re using Ford GoBike to commute to work, run errands or meet up with friends, we bet you’ll get there with a smile on your face.

Get Exercise

Getting places by pedal power is great exercise. Even biking short distances can lead to positive health benefits and reduced stress.

Go Green

Riding a bike is great for the environment. Taking Ford GoBike instead of a car for short trips helps improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bike share?

Bike share is a convenient, healthy, affordable, and fun form of transportation. It involves a fleet of specially designed bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations. Bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system. People use bike share to commute to work or school, run errands, get to appointments, and more.

Who operates Ford GoBike?

Ford GoBike is owned and operated by Motivate, a global leader in bike share that manages some of the largest bike share systems in the United States – including New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC. The program is a public/private partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and local cities. Ford Motor Company is the program’s title sponsor enables Ford GoBike to bring state-of-the-art bike share to the Bay Area at no cost to taxpayers for capital or operational expenditures. Ford GoBike employs over 100 people in the Bay Area.

How does Ford GoBike work?

Ford GoBike is a convenient way to get around the city. It’s great for short/one-way trips as well as longer recreational rides. Join as an Annual Member or purchase a Single Ride or Access Pass, and you’ll get access to thousands of bikes across San Francisco, the East Bay and San Jose. Pick up a bike at one of our stations whenever you need one, and drop it off at any other station when you’re done with your ride.

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