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How Much does Denver B-cycle Cost


You must purchase an Access Pass to check out a Denver B-cycle bike. Once you’ve purchased an Access Pass at the kiosk or online, you can take unlimited trips that are 30 minutes less for no additional cost (60 minutes for the Annual Plus Access Pass). If any of your trips are longer than 30 minutes (60 minutes for Annual Plus Access Pass) standard overtime fees will apply. You can take as many trips as you want under your allotted time until your access pass expires.

All Denver B-cycle have three speeds, adjustable seats, a basket, lock, bell and pedal-powered lights. Station full or empty? You can find the next closest station at the kiosk or check out a bike with the B-Cycle App.

Denver B-cycle Price List

denver bcycle cost
* Please note the Monthly Pass has a 60-day or 2 month minimum purchase requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a B-card or B-fob?

B-cards are issued to Monthly, Annual and Annual Plus Access Pass holders. B-fobs are issued to Flex Pass holders. Your B-card or B-fob will be mailed within one week of the purchase date. But you can check out a bike immediately by using your credit card or cellphone number tied to the membership you purchased, or the BCycle app.

​What should I do if I lost my B-card or B-fob?

Contact Member Services at 303-825-3325 immediately so we can suspend your lost B-card or B-fob B-card. You will be financially responsible for any fees if someone else uses your lost card. Replacement B-cards and B-fobs cost $5.00 and will be charged to your account. While waiting for your replacement to arrive, you can still checkout a B-cycle with your credit card or at the station kiosk with your cell phone number, or the BCycle App.

I already paid my Access Pass fee, why was I charged second time?

Monthly, Annual and Annual Plus Access Passes have a $15.00 one-time fulfillment fee for NEW members. This shows up as a separate charge on your credit card/bank statement.

Can I upgrade my current Access Pass to a different pass type?

To upgrade your pass, please call Member Services at 303-825-3325 between 7:00 AM and 6:00PM Monday through Friday.

How do I turn on/off text alerts?

Log into your account at denverbcycle.com, and unmark the box next to “Text Messaging.” You can also configure your settings through the BCycle App.

How does B-cycle calculate my personal ride statistics?

The system uses algorithms to estimate the number of miles, calories burned, and carbon emissions avoided based on the duration of your checkout. Information about your use is posted to your account. This information includes the date and duration of each trip, the stations from which the B-cycle was checked out and returned to, the distance pedaled, calories burned, carbon offset, and whether any overtime fees were charged.

Why did I get charged when my trip lasted less than 30 minutes?

You must purchase an Access Pass of some type to checkout a B-cycle. Please visit our pricing page for more information. If you purchased an Access Pass and returned your B-cycle within 30 minutes (60 minutes for Annual Plus), but still charged for overtime fees, please contact Member Services at 303-825-3325. Member Services is available for this Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can also email us at info@denverbcycle.org.

How do I renew my Access Pass?

Log in to your account and click the “Renew” button in the middle of the page. You can renew your Access Pass at any time. We simply add the additional days to your current expiration date. To avoid any lapse in your Access Pass, “Opt in” to the auto-renewing feature.

How do I turn on/off auto-renewal?

You can change the auto-renewal settings in by logging into your account at denverbcycle.com. You can also contact Member Services at 303-825-3325 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday for assistance.

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