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My Capital Bikeshare ride code isn’t working


Pass holders will receive a five-digit ride code once your pass is purchased, which can be entered on the dock to take out a bike. A ride code is only valid for one use, within five minutes of issuance; you must get a new ride code for each trip. Members can also get a ride code (eg, if you forgot your member key) by entering the credit card associated with the account for identification. The ride code should be entered at a dock with an available bike – a green light indicates the bike is released.

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If you’ve entered your code correctly into keypad on the dock, and the light on the dock isn’t turning green, there may be a few reasons why your ride code isn’t working:

The light on the dock is glowing red → this means the bike is broken and can’t be unlocked
Something is wrong with the dock → occasionally, the technology on the dock may fail
The ride code expired → codes are only valid for 5 minutes for security purposes
You may have an open rental; did you get the green light when you returned your last bike?
If your ride code hasn’t expired, try the same code again on a different dock with an available bike. If it still isn’t working, you can request a new code from the kiosk – just insert the credit card used to buy the pass to get a new ride code issued (don’t worry, you won’t be charged again).

If your ride code is active and you do not have any open rentals, please call 1-877-430-2453 to troubleshoot.

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