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Biketown Problem

Problems and Solutions I Found When I Spent a Year Using Biketown

(By Matthew Korfhage | Published April 10 on Willamette Week) For my final year living in Portland, I did not drive a car. I also...

Biketown at Portland State

Portland’s new bike share program Biketown already is having a big impact on Portland State.

Austin B-cycle should provide helmets to riders

Austin B-cycle is a happy medium between wanting to ride a bike and dealing with the costs of owning one. I can get to...

Chattanooga 2017- Bike Chattanooga

Author Road Trippin, from Youtube.

Bike Share – Chattanooga, TN

Live Green Tennessee Season 5, Episode 2 Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System is giving residents and visitors a fun and easy way to pedal their...

Bike Chattanooga offers major deal to first-time users

Chattanooga’s bike share system is now offering first-time subscribers an annual pass for five dollars. The standard annual membership fee is fifty dollars. Officials say if...

Lyft & Baltimore Bike Share Partnership on February 15, 2018

Lyft & Baltimore Bike Share Partnership on February 15, 2018

Lyft, Baltimore Bike Share Collaborate To Offer Five Bicycle Locations

The rideshare program Lyft is teaming up with Baltimore Bike Share to offer new transportation opportunities.
bike share

Detroit’s Bike Sharing Program Is One Of The Most Affordable In The United States

Biking sharing programs have become popular across the country since they started popping up in 2010. Detroit’s own bike sharing program, MoGo, has just made...
Ford GoBike

Ford GoBike Bike Share System Passes Growth Milestones

January 30, 2018 - The Ford GoBike program surpassed a key milestone in late December, with more than 500,000 rides taken since launch in...
Ford GoBike

Motivate Announces e-Bike Pilot Program to Launch in San Francisco in April 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (January 8, 2018) — Motivate International, the operator of the Bay Area’s regional bike share system, announced today it will add e-Bikes...

What is bike sharing?

A bicycle-sharing system, public bicycle system, or bike-share scheme, is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a very short...
Battle Creek BCycle

Proximity to bike-sharing stations augments property values in city

We know that an extra bedroom, and a metro station nearby will make your house more valuable. Now it turns out that a bike-sharing...

Bike Sharing & Ann Arbor: A Perfect Match

Ann Arbor, one of the nation's most bike-friendly cities, is on the verge of becoming the first municipality in Michigan to launch a bike...
Baltimore Bike Share

Because Of Theft And Vandalism, Baltimore Bike Share Temporarily Shuts Down

Earlier this month, Baltimore Bike Share temporarily shut down, following a wave of theft and vandalism over the summer that left the system, not...

Baltimore Bike Share temporarily shutting down

Starting Sunday, Sept. 17, the Bike Share will temporarily shutdown for maintenance and equipment upgrades.

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