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ArborBike Promo Code

ArborBike Coupons and Promo Codes Information ArborBike coupons and promo codes on this page are for ArborBike Pass purchases unless otherwise stated. To redeem the...
arborbike station

A Complete List of ArborBike Station Locations

As so far, there are 14 ArborBike Stations in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here is a list of ArborBike Stations in Ann Arbor, MI. Kerrytown @...
arborbike app

ArborBike Mobile App Download

Have a smartphone? ArborBike have the perfect companion for your ArborBike experience! Checkout Bikes Use your phone to checkout bikes simply by entering the dock number or...
arborbike passes

How Much Will ArborBike Cost

There are three memberships with ArborBike. 24-Hour Access $6 For those looking to explore the city or make a fast trip across town. Month Pass...

A Complete Guide to Use ArborBike

How to Use ArborBike 1. Join online or at any station. You need to join ArborBike before ride. You can join online or at any ArborBike...
unlock arborbike

How to Unlock ArborBike?

ArborBike comes equipped with a bike lock which is built in. See the photos below for step-by-step instructions on how to lock ArborBike and...

Is it legal to ride ArborBike without a helmet?

Michigan law does not require bicycle riders to wear a helmet, but ArborBike strongly encourages members to wear a helmet whenever riding.

How to use ArborBike key?

Should you need to leave your bike unattended before checking it back into a station, each ArborBike comes equipped with a bike lock which...
arborbike passes

What is my ArborBike card and where is it?

If you have purchased a 1-day or 1-month membership, the credit or debit card that you purchased your membership with is your membership card....

Who can use ArborBike?

Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid credit card or debit card can become an ArborBike member.

How does ArborBike work?

ArborBike is a bike share system intended for short trips around town. Members have access to an unlimited number for 60 minute trips while...
arborbike phone number

ArborBike Phone Number

ArborBike Customer Service Phone:734-887-6909 Email: Website: Address: 1250 N. Main St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104 System hours: 24 hrs, 7 days a week Customer Service hours: Monday - Friday...

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