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How to Hold Your BIKETOWN Bike

The 'Hold' feature ensures that your BIKETOWN bike will be there for up to 30 minutes so that when you get back from a...

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Ring that Bell!

Be courteous around other people - give warning when passing. We gave you a bell, now use it! Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

Divvy Bike Rental in Chicago

Jen Knoedl bikes around Downtown Chicago via Divvy Bike Rental.

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Finding a Bike

Looking for a bike or dock? Be sure to download the Spotcycle App, with real time updates from every station. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Forget your Key Fob?

Forget your key fob? Annual and monthly members can use their payment card as a key fob to check out bikes! Related Capital Bikeshare User...

How Charlotte B-cycle Works

Charlotte B-cycle is the first bike share system in North Carolina and the largest urban system in the Southeast. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions...

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Safety at Intersections

Use caution when approaching and crossing intersections. Make eye contact with others, obey traffic laws and be courteous. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

Get rolling in Chicago with Divvy Bikes

Divvy Bikes lets you rent a bike for 24 hours and return it to any of their 300 stations in Chicago.

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Adjusting the Seat Height

Capital Bikeshare fits riders of many different sizes, thanks to our bikes' adjustable seat height. Here's how to set it to the right height...

Inside Divvy: Taking Care of the Bikes

Our team of bike checkers and bike mechanics make sure our riders have a fun, positive, safe experience on Divvy. They take care of...

Inside Divvy: Keeping Stations Balanced

Our team of rebalancers make sure bikes and docks are available at our hundreds of stations. They move bikes from stations that approach full...

Boise GreenBike Celebrity Race at the Twilight Criterium

St. Luke's employee and Boise City Council member Ben Quintana and FitOne race director Heather Hill took a lap around the course on St....

How to Adjust your CoGo Bike Seat

How to CoGo: Adjust the seat! This makes rides much more comfortable. Remembering what number fits your body best makes consecutive rides quicker...

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Be Alert

Pay attention when riding Capital Bikeshare. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

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